Multi-Family Housing

Multi-Family Living

There are unique challenges in dealing with disaster in multi-family facilities.

The potential complexities of dealing with several affected clients, whether it is a condo or townhouse, require a great deal of communication, care and expertise. At Water Out, our team of mitigation professionals has the experience and training to deliver for all of the parties involved- property managers, owners, renters. 


Becky - New Haven

I was not happy with water in my crawl space and all 3 gentlemen I worked with were so great - they made the experience a lot easier to deal with.  They were all so nice and clearly communicated what was happening.  Thank you!

Becky - New Haven IN

William - Markle

Everyone was very courteous and prompt.  Everyone responded to the situation promptly and without hesitation.

William - Markle IN

John F - Fort Wayne

Extremely happy with service provided.  Excellent crew from start to finish.  I have already started recommending WaterOut to everyone and will continue to do so.

John - Fort Wayne IN