Single Family Homes


Water Out has its roots in residential disaster mitigation services. With thousands of successful projects under our belt, we can quickly, safely and professionally address any problem.

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Churches and Religious Facilities


For churches, nothing is more difficult to deal with than down time caused by a disaster.

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Healthcare Systems


Hospitals, urgent care facilities and medical centers present special needs when it comes to property restoration.

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Municipal City & County Governments


We service a multitude of building types. Our City halls, County buildings, Libraries, Recreation centers, and other municipal buildings are the lifeblood of any community.

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School Systems


Our K–12 Schools, Colleges, Universities, Technical and Trade Schools are vital to the students they serve and the communities’ overall growth.

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Hospitality & Resort Services


For a hotel or resort, nothing is more difficult to deal with than down time caused by a disaster.

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Property Managers & Management

Property Management

Commitments of a property manager are diverse, and their burden is immense. Having to juggle the tasks of satisfying the tenants AND the owners creates several difficult situations and dilemmas.

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High Rise Buildings


The highly competitive office space marketplace here in our region and building quality are the greatest advantages to client attraction and retention.

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Two words best describe the biggest fear of any company manager- “business interruption.”

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Deborah - Fort Wayne

Chad and Chad were EXTREMELY helpful, courteous and professional.  I appreciated that they took the time to explain the process!  Amazing people to work with!

Deborah - Fort Wayne IN

River Terrace Estates

I appreciated all of Chris' staff and their professional attitudes in our emergency.  Thanks for your help!

Daryl - Director of Operations

Becky - New Haven

I was not happy with water in my crawl space and all 3 gentlemen I worked with were so great - they made the experience a lot easier to deal with.  They were all so nice and clearly communicated what was happening.  Thank you!

Becky - New Haven IN