Commercial Water loss

In this project a sprinkler line burst on the third floor.

On the 3rd floor of the property a supply line to the sprinkler system burst affecting the 3rd floor, 2nd Floor and 1st Floor.  Water Out received the call at 7:00am on Monday morning when the loss was discovered.  By 8:00am Water Out had arrived with multiple Emergency Response Vehicles and crews.  After 3 Days the building had been cleaned and dried.  Building multiply drying chambers implementing a plan for the occupants of the space made for zero work downtime during the project.


Deborah - Fort Wayne

Chad and Chad were EXTREMELY helpful, courteous and professional.  I appreciated that they took the time to explain the process!  Amazing people to work with!

Deborah - Fort Wayne IN

River Terrace Estates

I appreciated all of Chris' staff and their professional attitudes in our emergency.  Thanks for your help!

Daryl - Director of Operations

Cynthia - Fort Wayne

Everyone was polite and pleasant.  That was important because this has been a very stressful period for me.  I am an older woman living alone and WaterOut's employees courtesy and kindness was much appreciated.  Thank You!

Cynthia - Fort Wayne IN