Residential Hardwood Flooring

The dishwasher in this home burst and affected the hardwood flooring in the kitchen, living room, dining room and foyer.

After working through a contractor and the owners insurance adjuster Water Out was called in to put a drying plan in place.  After inspecting the floor, cabinets, and affected areas of the basement a plan was implemented to dry the structure.  The property insurance company was concerned the floor couldn’t be saved since it had been wet for 4 days.  The floor showed signs of cupping throughout.

The hardwood flooring was laid under the kitchen island and kitchen cabinets which are topped with granite countertops.  Removing of the cabinets, countertops, tile backsplash and replacement of the flooring would of cost in excess of $50,000.00.  Water Out effectively built multiply drying chambers and put a drying plan in place that dried all materials in 5 days.  No removing or gutting of any materials was done during this project.

Another Satisfied Water Out client!


River Terrace Estates

I appreciated all of Chris' staff and their professional attitudes in our emergency.  Thanks for your help!

Daryl - Director of Operations

Cynthia - Fort Wayne

Everyone was polite and pleasant.  That was important because this has been a very stressful period for me.  I am an older woman living alone and WaterOut's employees courtesy and kindness was much appreciated.  Thank You!

Cynthia - Fort Wayne IN

Deborah - Fort Wayne

Chad and Chad were EXTREMELY helpful, courteous and professional.  I appreciated that they took the time to explain the process!  Amazing people to work with!

Deborah - Fort Wayne IN