Clarkston Castle

In January 2015 the Clarkston Michigan landmark had 6 pipes freeze and burst on the 3rd floor of the home.

The water loss affected areas of the 3rd floor, 2nd floor, 1st floor and basement.  This 28,000 SF castle took 9 years to build and the construction of the home is very diverse.  All areas of the walls, ceilings and floors are multi-layer from 3 layers to 7.  The construction of the plaster work in the main foyer was installed by Italian plaster layers and overseen by The Smithsonian.   When the ceiling was installed in 1991 the cost was $1 Million.

Due to the pipe breaks this entire ceiling was affected including areas of the plaster that are 4-6” thick on the medallions.  With plaster over drywall over OSB with a batt insulation ceiling 4 separate Restoration Companies denied the job and adviced the ceiling would need to be removed.  Water Out was the 5th company called in to scope the loss and present a drying plan to the property owner.  10 Days after the plan was implemented the ceiling was certified dry by multiple 3rd party moisture monitoring companies.  In February 2015 the other side of the castle sustained a second pipe break due to temperatures reaching -40 Degrees.

Water Out responded immediately to mitigate and dry the 3 floors on the other side of castle.  Water Out drying a floor that had 6 layers of subfloor and multi-layer walls and ceilings without any removal of materials affected again made the property owner extremely happy.

This project was dry in 7 days.



John F - Fort Wayne

Extremely happy with service provided.  Excellent crew from start to finish.  I have already started recommending WaterOut to everyone and will continue to do so.

John - Fort Wayne IN

Becky - New Haven

I was not happy with water in my crawl space and all 3 gentlemen I worked with were so great - they made the experience a lot easier to deal with.  They were all so nice and clearly communicated what was happening.  Thank you!

Becky - New Haven IN

Cynthia - Fort Wayne

Everyone was polite and pleasant.  That was important because this has been a very stressful period for me.  I am an older woman living alone and WaterOut's employees courtesy and kindness was much appreciated.  Thank You!

Cynthia - Fort Wayne IN