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Priority Response Emergency Program

Water Out is a PREP certified contractor located in Fort Wayne, IN. We understand commercial building construction, and we have attended specific training to be knowledgeable about disaster planning. Let Water Out be your disaster planning partner.. Our P.R.E.P., Priority Response Emergency Plan, is a custom-designed program for your building that anticipates a disaster, sets up an immediate plan of action to react, and lays out a groundwork for restoring the building back to its pre-loss condition.

In the restoration industry, there is a common term that is used by owners, insurance professionals and restorers: Mitigation. This term refers to the practice of lessening the effects of a disaster. There are many ways to mitigate a disaster. The most effective way, however, is to have a plan in place before the disaster occurs. Being able to prepare for any event will, undoubtedly, lessen the overall effect to your building and your business.
The process is simple: Upon signing a P.R.E.P. agreement with Water Out, our trained staff will visit your building, locate and document all key structural and mechanical components (stairwells, elevators, shut-off valves, electrical panels, etc.), and present you with a report outlining the key steps to take in case of emergency. This report will also be available to all key personnel in your company in the locations that will best serve you during a disaster situation. Water Out has a secure web server that will store this info, and your team will be able to access it from anywhere with a simple login.

When disaster does strike, your status as a Water Out P.R.E.P. client gives you priority response from our restoration team. You go to the top of the list, receive immediate attention, and enjoy the comfort of knowing that our team knows your building, and can get right to the task of mitigation. This saves you aggravation, money, and most importantly,TIME!

By the way, the P.R.E.P. program is yours at NO COST TO YOU! Simply contact Water Out to set up a meeting, and we will take care of the rest! Water Out is proud to serve the Indiana, Ohio and Michigan region with all of their mitigation needs.

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